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Prices in € represent the retail prices valid in Germany (unless otherwise indicated). Prices do not include postage and handling if applicable. publishes peer-reviewed articles from all areas of sociology, aiming to represent both the diversity of empirical research as well as the plurality of theoretical traditions.

Founded in 1971, the journal aims to represent the discipline as comprehensively as possible, inviting contributions from sociologists regardless of their conceptual affinities and orientations.

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Even if an author is not being encouraged to redraft and resubmit a paper in one form or another, he or she is guaranteed to receive substantial feedback. Literature about the Zf S Best, Heinrich & Renate Ohly, 1994: Entwicklungstendenzen der deutschsprachigen Soziologie im Spiegel ihrer führenden Fachzeitschriften - Ergebnisse einer Korrespondenzanalyse. If an article is accepted, our bimonthly publication schedule usually allows for a speedy publication.

Manuscripts offered for publication are to be submitted to the editorial office: Zf SFaculty of Sociology University of Bielefeld Postfach 10 01 3133501 Bielefeld [email protected] Requirements No double submission: Manuscripts which have previously been published or are simultaneously being offered to other publishers are generally not considered for publication.

Each paper is read and evaluated individually by both the five members of the executive board and two additional reviewers. After the editors have reached a decision, authors obtain a detailed explanatory statement.

One deliberate side-effect of this process is to bring about and organize scientific communication prior to the publication of findings. On average, it takes about three months before authors are told whether their paper has been accepted or rejected, and (in the latter case) if they are being encouraged to revise and resubmit their work.

References to literature are to be placed within the text and should indicate the author, the year of publication and (preferably) specific page numbers of the works being cited.

References within the text should take the form of author (year: page numbers), e.g.: White (2008: 13).

Data sources, original items and codifications should be made as transparent as possible.

Means and standard errors are to be listed for metric variables, proportional values for categorial variables.

The neutralization of institutional and personal interests within the editorial process is further safeguarded by the formal organization of the editorial process: 3. Sahner, Heinz, 1982: Zur Selektivität von Herausgebern: Eine Input-Output-Analyse der 'Zeitschrift für Soziologie'. The Zf S in the Press Our journal invites authors to submit manuscripts in German or in English.

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