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when he was accused of assault as part of the Fajitagate probe -- heard about the charges.

Collins got on the horn to fellow Fajitagate defenders Jim Lassart, Mark Nicco, Freya Horn and Stuart Hanlon -- who each agreed to take one of the officers' cases for free.

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"These cops are from a special unit," Collins said.

"They are all trained at this -- if anything, they deserve medals." And indeed, one of the officers involved, Inspector Sylvia Morrow, was honored last year for her valor in the shootout by the International Association of Women Police.

Mooney, whose union represents 13,000 city, school district and nonprofit employees in San Francisco, tells us she hasn't decided yet if she'll quit her day job.

"But I would recuse myself when our contract came up," Mooney said.

None of the charges against the cops has anything to do with the deadly shootout itself.

Instead, the officers are being accused of improperly using police cars to try to keep Rugley from escaping, chasing him without lights or sirens, ordering Rugley's mother and her daughter to be handcuffed and held in a car for an hour, and for omissions and mistakes in a collision report.

Things must have clicked, because this past weekend Newsom -- who is in the midst of a divorce with his TV-commentating wife Kimberly Guilfoyle -- jetted off to spend a couple of days in La-La Land with Milos.

On Newsom's agenda: a little visit with his new actress friend, then off with her to the Beverly Hilton to attend the annual dinner of the Citizens Commission for Human Rights.

Only this time they are offering their services free of charge to six San Francisco cops accused of breaking department rules during a chase and shootout that earned one of the officers a medal of valor from an international police group.

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