Sony clie and updating palm os

I haven't even had the T3 outside its cradle in about a year. Many apps still update although Palm Source has abandoned the old Palm OS 5 development and no new Palm OS is in the works since Access bought Palm Source.If it weren't for Treos, which Palm bought from Handspring a few years back, Palm itself would have folded by now.Just start tapping letters like on a phone, and the program matches them to phone book entries.

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It will run everything in my house except the cable box. World Alarm Clock is attractive and has 5 alarms that can have individual sounds assigned, but Big Clock has far more overall functionality.

Phone Mate seemed like a gimic at first, but it really does a neat job.

I'm not a huge Microsoft fan, but the future is clear at this point.

I sold my T3 so the note above has an even greater finality to it.

I updated this page to reflect OS compatibility as best I can determine it.

Of course, OS 5 does not support hacks at all, so they are history.

The core Palm that designed and produced the T3 has been dead long enough to turn to dust.

If you are still using Palm OS, I admire your determination, but recommend that you reconsider Windows Mobile.

Execution/access in Flash is indistinguishable from that in RAM. Providentially, Palm released the Tungsten|T3 just about a week later.

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