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It’s when we start to see things from a different perspective.When the fears and emotions that have paralyzed us, no longer have the same power and when we start to see things the way they really are and not the way we wish them to be.You’ve started to feel stronger emotionally and you’re thinking about your needs and wants and what your life would be like Stage four is simply ending the relationship. You’ve physically moved away from your Narcissist, you’ve cut all contact and you feel really good about your decision.

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Don’t engage in the drama, become the ice queen – show no emotion, even if you’re dying inside. Let them know under no uncertain terms that it’s over – the supply has run out.

Hold firm to your decision and don’t respond to all the mudslinging and character assassination.

Getting from stage one to four doesn’t happen overnight.

Some people remain stuck in one stage or the other.

Savannah Grey is a Freelance Writer, a Hypnotherapist, Consultant, Sports Fanatic, and Philosopher and has a degree in Psychology.

She is the founder of a website dedicated to educating and healing survivors of abusive relationships.

All they want from you is some kind of reaction, good or bad – give them nothing.

They will probably try to initiate contact at some point, it could be weeks, months even years – no contact is the only way to end a relationship, that never seems to end – remember once you have shut the door keep it firmly shut – and embrace a newer, healthier, Narcissist free chapter in your life. Subscribe to our mailing list and receive our weekly posts right to your inbox.

Narcissists are vengeful creatures, so any way big or small that they can stick it to you, they will.

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