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Now Amazon customers can purchase an item and have it mailed directly to the place it is needed. These days most of us are familiar with spending money online.

This app, Life 360 will give parents some peace of mind.

We all want to earn a little extra money for the holidays right? Now you can't organize or download or browse apps from your computer. The social media network many people trust, Linked In has a malware problem.

I'm not sure how many people still use flash cards but there's no denying they help students memorize everything from vocabulary words to the table of elements.

Remember when you'd see one of your school teachers outside of the school and think "whoa, she's a real person?

"Stud or Dud" is a free background check within an app for the i Phone.

Halloween may be good for a little scare for kids, but it can be frightening for parents. Could they be knocking on the door of a registered sex offender?

The next computer you buy may be controlled by your eyes. These fake videos are easily discovered in searches for favorite cartoons.

Microsoft announces computers released next year will have eye-tracking technology. Here's what happened after the videos were blocked, Google's response and 3 things parents should do. I'm not sure I would have ever gotten multiplication tables had my mom not used flash cards to help me study.

Students who need help with school can turn to their smartphones for homework help.

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