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JSwipe user Rachel (not her real name), 29 and living in Boston, told The Times of Israel that she refuses to use Jewish dating sites that require membership fees, such as JDate (which charges for a one-month subscription).“I’ve had much more success meeting Jews by using a search filter for Jewish profiles on Ok Cupid, a well-run, modern, and free dating site,” she said. Yarus, who also does social media marketing for Taglit-Birthright Israel, has a personal stake in JSwipe’s mission. “Being Jewish is central to my life, including professionally.Finding your soulmate isn’t always easy, but a new Jewish dating app would have us believe that true love could be just a swipe away.

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“About half of our employees are located in Israel, and all of our research and development is being done in Israel,” Lo Cascio said.

“We now have 400 people working at our Israel R&D center.” Get The Start-Up Israel's Daily Start-Up by email and never miss our top stories Free Sign Up Lo Cascio, who was in Israel recently for a business conference, explained that his company provides help services for online businesses in the form of help chat services, analytics, and other forms of customer engagement.

“In recent years we have developed a number of technologies to enhance sales for these companies, and have been very successful at doing so.” Total revenue in 2012, the company reported, was $157.4 million, an 18% increase over 2011.

Live Person cemented its roots in Israel when it acquired Israeli company Human Click in 2000.

Human Click, which had 100,000 customers when it was absorbed into its new parent company, developed a platform for interacting with customers via chat, a technology Live Person has enhanced to help businesses retain customers, said Lo Cascio.

“With all the competition out there, it’s all about successful engagement for websites today,” said Lo Cascio.

“I think there is a momentary excitement that comes when you get a match, shallow though it is.

The same way slot machines can be addictive because they trick the brain into thinking reward is just around the corner, the swiping model ties us to the app,” he said.

Yarus believes that JSwipe appeals to the young people (average age 26) who are using it because of its mobile platform and streamlined experience.

“Young people today don’t have time to search listings or craft long profiles or messages,” he said. You only end up spending time on someone when there is a mutual interest.” Yarus is also certain that the fact that JSwipe offers free love—as in, there is no charge to use the app—is a significant contributor to its popularity.

It’s about connecting people for love, friendship, travel, or whatever they seek.

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