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In 2007, Jon Hamm broke out as a major star as Mad Men’s deadly serious Don Draper.

"Inside the face of a matinee idol lurks a full-on comedy nerd." — John Slattery on Jon Hamm. "I watched SNL as a kid, and I watched Kids in the Hall and Fridays and SCTV." ("Nerdist") Hamm on being an SNL fan and how he'd watch it every week at some "swinging party" his divorced dad would bring him to.

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And I'm still a big fan of British comedy, mostly TV comedy: the Chris Morrises of the word and all of the Edgar Wright stuff." ("You Made It Weird") 1978 Taxi premieres.

Hamm was a fan of the sitcom, as evidenced by his later ability to freestyle rap about it: March 10, 2013 Jon Hamm celebrates his 42nd birthday.

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When this alluring teenager sent a Facebook friend request to 12-year-old Eric, he couldn’t believe his luck.

“I added her on Facebook because it said I had a mutual friend. You look like a really hot guy and stuff.’ And then from there it went to MSN and ‘Oh, yeah, I bet you have abs.

As he began communicating with Ashley Matthews, she could tell he was keeping something from her.

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