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One such letter arrives to the inbox Sent on: 13 January, , From: Elena, 26 years old, ID# 20561 Hi honey, I’m fed up with every day routine and I really need to shake things up! If you were to suggest that the profile was fake, then enter the Russian local dating agency psychology ‘traits’, which is to deny everything, become defensive, respond with comments that ‘she’ feels insulted and don’t you trust me?Looking at this from one woman’s own personal experience, “And the situation is even more disgusting. The lady on the profile is Elena, nickname ‘Thai Dream’, 26 yrs, City Sevastopol, Occupation described as ‘top-manager’.

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Another invited me to come to her but when I did she also reused to meet me.

Another I was writing to also from Cimferopol when I told her I was in her city asked where.

A video date with someone in Ukraine may cost around $50 for 10 minutes, expensive, yes, because what the site does not tell you is that you are paying not only for yourself but also the woman.

Pay Per Letter sites also have 100% control over the provision of expensive gift deliveries to women, from flowers and candies to the latest mobile phones, computers and English lessons.

And I don’t know what can be done in this situation. No matter how stupid those letters they send are, there are always at least several men who react on them.

I have never been so popular by myself, with my real letters than with those fake ones written on my behalf. Do you really believe that a normal woman will call you her sweetheart and will tell you she loves you in the very first letter???

During the Ukrainian summer months she is also known to work out of their Kiev office. Social media message Elena kalynychenko: On my way to my homeland Thailand. The local area dating agency staff member loaded the profile onto and is writing letters and entering the chat room ‘on her behalf’, totally unaware that everything they write each day in the ‘letters’ and on chat is totally contradicted by the lady’s own day to day diary, location and photos published on her social media sites.

Several letters received over the Christmas and New Year Period. My dear Ukraine, I’m sorry, but I really missed Thai smells, heat and “sabai-sabai” life style! On if you enter the chat room, there is absolutely no way that you can verify who it is you are talking with.

With the advent of technology (& google) you can now find any picture that is used anywhere on the internet.

I spent some time searching photos on the internet and found some of these women have accounts on

That is preserved by the bare minimum for the female body–her nipples and the very constricted vulva area. You can bet even if there is some truth there it is a very small percentage of their male clients. She is able to read and translate your letters herself, even if with the help of an online software translator.

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