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Remember, Jury Duty is an important part of the Justice System and you have a constitutional duty to serve. Does the Sheriff's Office do fingerprints for job applicants? Can I get a copy of my driving record (criminal record) from the Sheriff's Office? We can pull up on our computers a copy of your driving record and criminal record and can print them for our use, but we are not allowed to give them out to the public, or even give you a copy of your own record.How much does a police report cost from the Sheriff's Office? However, you can get a copy of your criminal record or anyone's criminal record from the Clerk of Superior Court.

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This paper will be served on them and a court date set before a Magistrate in about ten days.

On that court date the Magistrate will hear the case and rule.

And you can get a copy of your driving record from the NC Department of Motor Vehicles in Raleigh.

You can call DMV at 919-861-3015 to ask about this process.

The Sheriff's Office can provide you with a schedule of locally offered classes. Once the Sheriff's Office receives your completed application, it will be forwarded to the SBI in Raleigh for issuance of the PERMIT. *This application is available HERE* Do I have to register my guns? NC law does not require you to register any gun you may own.

If you have purchased the gun from a licensed gun dealer, it was automatically registered in your name at that time. If you have had much experience being a landlord you probably already know the process.

But if you are new at this, it can be a little complicated.

If you are renting property (house, apartment, building) to someone and they fail to pay their rent, you must first of all give them written notice of the delinquent payment and ten day notice to vacate the property.

Generally speaking, you must be 21 years of age; a resident of Anson County (proof by your current driver's license); be of good character and reputation; not a drug user; have had no DWI, CCW or DV conviction in the past five years; and NO felony convictions. You may apply for the PERMIT during regular business hours Monday thru Friday.

Cost of each PERMIT IS and you may get up to three at a time. *This application is available HERE* How do I get a Concealed Weapons Permit?

NOTE: If they have a year to year lease you must give them a 30 day notice to vacate.

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