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After she changes to her nightgown, Diane says that she reported his immediate behavior to the police.Shocked, Sam wants to leave the apartment, but Diane threatens to give them his address.

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Diane's former blind date Andy (Derek Mc Grath), who studied acting in high school, is unemployed because of his criminal record.

He returns to Cheers intending to commit an armed robbery.

Sam thinks that this is part of the play until Andy explains that he saw Sam and Diane kissing.

Sam rescues Diane while Norm and Cliff restrain Andy, who yells out "Mommy! Sam and Diane agree to have dinner with her ex-fiancé Sumner Sloane (Michael Mc Guire).

The second season of Cheers, an American situation comedy television series, originally aired on NBC in the United States between September 29, 1983, and May 10, 1984, with 22 episodes.

The show was created by director James Burrows and writers Glen and Les Charles, and was produced by Charles Burrows Charles Productions in association with Paramount Television., Mama's Family, We Got It Made, Cheers and Hill Street Blues.Original air dates of following episodes are not actual premiere dates for some television stations of the United States, like KTUU-TV from Anchorage, Alaska.They talk and agree that violence and hostility are not appropriate.Diane says that she found only being lifted by Sam exhilarating and that it made her keener to sleep with him.Andy becomes infatuated with Diane and becomes jealous when he sees her kissing Sam.

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