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The Indonesian Government itself has no programs in place to help them.

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Mr Sudani and others told ABC News the water ran for two hours every morning, but on weekends sometimes not at all. The chairs, the tables, the walls — nothing is left uncovered.

Wahidullah Akramy, a 21-year-old Afghani man, has been in Indonesia for four years and at the detention centre for three months. That is where the children can play, draw and paint.

Upstairs, there was no air conditioning and very few fans.

One woman from Somalia hugged her disabled boy as her other children hovered around her.

Apart from these, the main difficulties you may face are limited to the "walk of shame" and the need for your girl to bring an ID card with her.

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The families in the centre have chosen to come and handed themselves in because they struggled to survive on the outside.

Across Indonesia, 14,000 refugees and asylum seekers are stranded, waiting for third nations to take them — with only a small percentage successful on a yearly basis.

Regarding short-time and girl-friendly hotels in Jakarta, as I mentioned in my Jakarta Hotel Guide, almost all of them are guest-friendly.

The only exceptions are family-run guest-houses with shariah rules.

Twin Plaza Hotel Hotel Grand Mercure Harmoni Named Sparadise, the spa in the Grand Mercure Harmoni Hotel is reputed for its plus plus massages.

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