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As Arkansas Children's Hospital endocrinologist Dr. Michele Hutchison explained it, there are several kinds of gender.There is chromosomal gender: one X and one Y for males and two Xs for females."Of course, behavior and experience shape brain anatomy, so it is impossible to say if these subtle differences are inborn," she said.

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Had legislators gotten their heads out of the stalls, they could have acted to help, rather than further marginalize, their fellow Arkansans.

They could have changed state Medicaid rules that disallow reimbursement for hormone therapies.

"I promise you have peed next to a transperson plenty of times." Rodgers has been a patient of Cathey's since 2015.

"I was very depressed when I went in there," he said.

Hutchison said there is an "ever-growing body of evidence" that trans children and trans adults differ physiologically from non-trans persons, though the research "is in its infancy." Male and female brains differ in structure, chemistry and how information is processed.

One study, a small brain imaging project, showed that the brains of transgender children acted like the brains of the sex with which the children identified — transmale brains looked male, transfemale brains looked female.

There is something called testosterone transfer in fraternal twins, when the testosterone of the male fetus is transferred to the female fetus and makes the female masculine in genital and brain structure, etc.

There is physiological gender: Whether there is a penis or a vagina.

"I said, 'Y'all just wait.' " There is now a four-month waiting list to be seen in the gender clinic: The two spots for appointments have stretched to a morning's worth of appointments. Mary Racher "make about 60 patient contacts" a month. Transmen — the term for a genetically female person who is transitioning to male — can schedule hysterectomies and breast reduction surgery.

"We've seen, between the two of us, probably around 300 patients," genetic females transitioning to males and genetic males transitioning to female, in the past two and a half years, Cathey said. What does she think about legislative attempts to pass a bathroom bill?

Linda Collins-Smith of Pocahontas and Gary Stubblefield of Branch and Reps.

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