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Cox, who is 17 years old, now admits to being at the underage drinking party on September 28, 2013. I was there for about an hour before police arrived.

Cox says in her confession that she was there approximately an hour before Boxford police broke it up, a direct contradiction to her earlier claims.“I am 17 years old. While I was there I was in possession of alcohol and consumed alcohol, even though I was underage. I am admitting to this offense and wish to enter into a diversion program.” that, “Erin was not charged” and insisted she was not scheduled to appear for any reason related to the underage drinking party in Boxford.

Cox then filed the same complaint in Lawrence Superior Court where Judge Cornetta decided to take no action and refused to grant her request because there was no attorney present to represent Erin Cox, the actual defendant. Cox accused North Andover school officials of violating her “civil rights” because she is a female, and accused school officials of giving preferential treatment to male athletes.“Because the punishment imposed on [Erin] appears disparate “based on sex” the North Andover School District is subject to equitable and other relief under Title IX and analogous state civil rights laws that prohibit unequal treatment of students in educational program “based on sex”.“In addition to poor judgment, North Andover’s decision to punish the Plaintiff (Erin) violates her equal protection rights and rights under Title IX of the Education Acts, and Title IV of the Civil Rights Act because serious offenses committed by male athletes have not resulted in similar actions.”Eleanor Cox cited as an example in her complaint, a case in 2012 where a North Andover football player was “arrested” at an underage drinking party and was only excluded from playing the Thanksgiving football game as well as two basketball games when that season started up.

told the media that Erin was being punished for “doing the right thing”.

That narrative was repeated without question by television, newspapers and radio stations across the globe prompting people to donate money to an Erin Cox scholarship fund from as far away as Australia.

Our administrators are tasked with applying the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association (MIAA) rules pertaining to student-athletes and alcohol in a consistent and fair manner,” Hutchinson wrote.

“To be clear, the MIAA’s, and by extension North Andover High School’s, ‘chemical health rule’ prohibits student-athletes from possessing alcohol, in addition to prohibiting its use, consumption, or distribution.”According to documents obtained by The Valley Patriot, Eleanor Cox, (Erin’s mom), was in Lawrence District Court and Lawrence Superior Court on October 11, 2013 seeking a restraining order against North Andover High officials. Cox first asked Lawrence District Court Judge Gaffney to reverse the school’s decision suspending Erin Cox from the volleyball team for five games, and return her team leadership position as captain of the team, saying her daughter was the victim of discrimination “based on sex” and that her suspension was a “civil rights” violation.

Rafferty, a well-loved 12 year veteran coach was fired according to sources at the North Andover Patch “because he didn’t follow protocol when he disciplined two students this past fall.”“For Example, a police log entry dated November 20, 2012 states that a male student was arrested at age 17 for underage possession of alcohol at the intersection of Boxford Street and Candlestick Road at pm on Friday, November 16, 2012.

That student was suspended from playing the team’s last football game, which was Thanksgiving Day and the penalty was carried over for only two games when he began his basketball season thereafter.”“5/ Plaintiff’s [Erin Cox] claims of an equal protection violation are similarly without merit.

Deal breakers: Yankees fans and basically if you’re from New York Advice to freshmen: Don’t get hospitalized.

NORTH ANDOVER – Valley Patriot sources at Lawrence District Court and in law enforcement tell The Valley Patriot that North Andover volleyball player Erin Cox was in court last month with a signed confession, admitting she was in possession of alcohol and consuming alcohol at an underage drinking party.promoting the false narrative that Cox was the victim of a school system out of control and that North Andover’s “zero tolerance policy” resulted in her suspension from the volleyball team and the loss of her position as captain.

Erin “is now experiencing serious emotional distress.

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