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“It was clear that he was trying to get me to have sex with him, and it was so clearly out of line that I immediately took screenshots of these chat messages and reported him to HR.” She said she expected her complaints to be taken seriously, but was shocked at what the response was.

“I was told by both HR and upper management that even though this was clearly sexual harassment and he was propositioning me, it was this man’s first offense, and that they wouldn’t feel comfortable giving him anything other than a warning and a stern talking-to,” she wrote.

Today, Fowler works for Stripe, a payment platform, doing site reliability engineering.

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Fowler’s record-keeping habits are perhaps the most infuriating part of her yearlong struggle with the company.

This is a woman who did everything “right” — a woman who kept, and showed, the receipts.

An HR rep who met her about the “absurd chain of emails” about the jackets asked her if she had considered that she might be the problem.

“I pointed out that everything I had reported came with extensive documentation and I clearly wasn’t the instigator (or even a main character) in the majority of them — she countered by saying that there was absolutely no record in HR of any of the incidents I was claiming I had reported (which, of course, was a lie, and I reminded her I had email and chat records to prove it was a lie),” she wrote.

Uber also made headlines recently when Kalanick bowed to pressure and quit President Trump’s economic advisory council — after angry customers started the viral #delete Uber movement.

Susan Fowler worked as an engineer at Uber for a year — a “very, very strange year” — which began with her being sexually propositioned by a manager via the company’s chat platform and ended with her quitting after she was told she could be fired (illegally) for reporting a discriminating manager to HR.

“I kept pushing, until finally I was told that ‘performance problems aren’t always something that has to do with work, but sometimes can be about things outside of work or your personal life.’” Fowler went on to say that Uber’s staff was more than 25 percent female when she joined the company — but that it had dwindled to less than 6 percent by the time she tried to transfer.

“Women were transferring out of the organization, and those who couldn’t transfer were quitting or preparing to quit,” she wrote.

“Some of the women even had stories about reporting the exact same manager I had reported, and had reported inappropriate interactions with him long before I had even joined the company,” she wrote.

“It became obvious that both HR and management had been lying about this being ‘his first offense,’ and it certainly wasn’t his last.” Her manager, whom she did not name, eventually left the company.

Her post is packed with details about her time at Uber.

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