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Let us know if this answers your question, Health Nurse Even if you have an open wound ( like hangnail) on hand, is there still no-risk of getting hepatitis c from public toilet flush water?

I'm asking this because yesterday after Siphoning toilet, some water splashed on my finger and there was a tiny hangnail which was fresh but not bleeding.

What's weird is it's a video call, from someone using Duo, Google's video chat app available today for i OS and Android.

I probably know this person, because they'd need my number to make the call.

Even if you have been biting your nails, you do not need to worry about getting an STI this way.

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It is a fairly small possibility that the toilet was used by someone with Hepatitis A before you cleaned it, but this could happen.

There is a vaccine against Hepatitis A - you may have gotten this vaccine in the past if you were going travelling. I just want to know what about using a public toilet seat without any protection onto it? I am a professional blogger and I have to write some note for this topics, so will help me by giving some information.

If there is water on the toiletbrush or in the toiletbrush holder, can syphilis, hiv or hepatitis survive there if the water splashed on me?

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