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He knew this way was better from experience...having your ass kicked by the LUCK OF THE DRAW tended to make you unhappy, and prone to take the less risky option...which he probably should have done in the first place. Today, he would finally be successful in his quest. Marik's coming round here, so you won't be bored." Ryou opened the door and nearly stepped out, before remembering something."And please try to stay out of trouble." Bakura just grunted in response.

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Haga had almost completely taken over his life, just as his bugs had taken over Jounouchi's deck. Keeping in character is a big thing for me But you're definately right, there's definately a bitch in there somewhere.

I mean when she actually gets nasty..does keep hitting Jounouchi, so there's got to be a bitch in there that people would actually find interesting and, most importantly, Bakura would like! She's not my favourite character sure, and her friendship speeches are as annoying as hell, but I don't think her becoming a needy, shallow slut is in her character.

She uses Honda to get whatever she wants, and has a crush on Ryou. I'd prefer an older, slightly sassier girl as Jounouchi's brother.

Although Serenity is about 12, but I've heard 12 year olds that swear better than me.

I never quite know what she's thinking, though I'm sure she has some sort of plan she's thought up that she's never going to tell anyone. I kinda hate that she can kick my ass, feels really frustrating, along with her flirting with my little sister.

Yet, I know she's a good leader, and I guess I kinda get where she's coming from, but...

I'm sorry, but I don't think anyone is THAT naive and innocent (except possibly Yugi ) Sorry about the rant there Agreed.

I always saw Mai as lonely inside, and a little confused, but she hides it behind this confident mask.

Apart from really minor ones, and Isis/Ishizu, there aren't any others DX A-O Yugioh Shipping Sentences Abandonshipping (Gozaburo x Noa x Mokuba)The two boys looked at their father in fear. Admireshipping (Kotsuzaka x Mokuba)Mokuba did admire the ghost duellist, and they were the same height..wonder what would happen?

Adoptshipping (Gozaburo x Seto)When he had challenged Gozaburo to a game of chess to get him to adopt them, Seto had never dreamed this would happen.

There are six bullets." And with that, I walked away. The sixth is lodged deep in his head, right inside the core Ghosts All Hallows' Eve. And thirty one plus eight is thirty nine, three times thirteen, the number of the dead.

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