Sedating felines for neutering

Since they skipped breakfast, they are usually very anxious to get their first meal of meat baby food.

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Detection of an upper respiratory infection, the presence of a congenital heart murmur, or intestinal parasites (many of which can be transmitted to people) are just a few of these concerns.

At about four months of age, we will set a date for your kitten's surgery.

You will not see these and they dissolve over a few months, allowing ample time for these tissues to heal (about 10-14 days).

You will see a light amount of surgical adhesive on her belly and this will flake off as the incision heals.

We contact you after surgery and then as needed that afternoon to arrange for a time to take your cat home from the hospital. Our protocol provides pain relief that lasts for 72 hours and for the vast majority of procedures, you will not need to give any medications at home.

We will only send your loved one home after they have appropriately recovered.

(These jars of food are good for all cats for a variety of reasons, but only on a very short-term basis).

Some cats are a little grumpy when waking up, but they respond quickly to gentle attention including light combing and neck massage.

Each of these suites has a small window area on the back to provide our patients with natural light and the option of checking out the small garden outside.

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