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“If you infected my Mac and recorded me all the time, you’d see me sitting at my desk, picking my nose, petting my dog, and occasionally swearing at my computer,” said Wardle.

“However, when I jump on a Google Hangout to discuss a new [software vulnerability] with a vendor—that’s when things get interesting.”As a side project, Wardle creates free Mac utilities that protect computers from the security problems he discovers.

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Demonstrations are against the law and completely banned in Saudi Arabia.

"I'm not angry, just a little surprised that the Saudi government hasn't advanced beyond this type of tactic," prominent Saudi blogger Eman Al-Nafjan told CNN.

Disabling that light is almost impossible without physically taking apart a laptop, so if it unexpectedly turns on, it’s pretty clear that something’s up.

But when you initiate a video chat, you’re already expecting that green LED to illuminate—so the malware can piggyback on the recording without raising suspicion.

To make video piggybacking harder, he created a program called Oversight, which displays a notification every time a program starts recording via the webcam.

If the notification says Skype wants access, you can click “Allow.” If a fishy-sounding program is trying to access the camera, or if a second notification pops up while you’re already on a video call, you can hit “Deny” to shut it down.

(Wardle used to work for NASA and the NSA.) He calls the technique “piggybacking,” because it relies on a computer’s user to do most of the legwork: Instead of secretly turning on the webcam without the user’s permission, piggybacking malware simply waits until the webcam is active, and then records everything it sees.

The piggybacking process is simple: A malware program quietly running in the background of a computer checks periodically to see if someone has activated the camera.

It then shuts itself off when the video call is over to allow the light to turn off, too.

Eavesdropping on a video call is probably more useful than recording at random intervals, because that’s when people share sensitive or important information.

Saudi Arabia is threatening to block several popular Internet chat, call, and messaging services if they don't get in line with the country's regulatory requirements.

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