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And recently, you denied it all in an interview with Vibe Magazine. Does it bother you to have that salacious sort of gossip about you in the tabloids? KW: Have you ever been on a blind date in real life? I've since sworn blind dates off, because it turned into kind of a semi-stalker situation. SL: The scriptwriter's [Kriss Turner] inspiration was a Newsweek cover story from a couple years ago that said 42% of black women aren’t married. KW: isn't it unfortunate that it took till 2006 for Hollywood to get to this point?

Why did you go to Vibe now to deny such a stale story? SL: I learned early on in the business, that when you're in the spotlight on any kind of level, people are going to talk. [laughs] But after doing this movie, maybe I'm going to be a little open. You realize when you're in the situation that sometimes you have your own prejudices and your own issues that come up that you never knew you had until you're in that situation. SL: I've had girlfriends who've dated interracially call me. KW: Did you know that in 2005, 13% of all African-Americans who got married, married someone of a different color? KW: What explanation did it offer for the phenomenon? And 42.4% was actually her original title for the movie, but we didn't think anybody would be able to remember it. SL: Why not be positive and just focus on the fact that it's happening?

So, she enrolled in Yale School of Drama, where she honed her skills for three years.

When the movie was first released, the Washington Post reported it was all the buzz in Internet chat rooms. Census Bureau, interracial marriages have more than doubled over the past decade. [The movie] is really just about trying not to care so much about what others think and following your heart," Sanaa says.

Something New has also sparked discussions about black women who choose to date outside their race. Sanaa, a Tony-nominated actress who attended the Yale School of Drama, says the movie has a universal message that applies to all types of relationships. Not only is Something New making audiences cheer, it's also making history.

"If they did [connect with it], then that would be great because then the record label would maybe let me make a second album." Oprah wants to know—what's the story behind "You're Beautiful"? "It was about seeing my ex-girlfriend on the Underground in London with her new man who I didn't know existed.

She and I caught eyes and lived a lifetime in that moment, but didn't do anything about it and haven't seen each other since." "Wait till she hears this song," Oprah jokes.

"There was a time when my ambition was to make an album that I really felt strongly about and really enjoyed.

I thought, 'Maybe a few people will connect with it,'" he says.

Here, she shares her thoughts about Something New, where her she plays Kenya, a very successful black woman who falls in love with the white man she meets on a her blind date, despite her reservations about crossing the color line. Somehow, it's circulating again in a ridiculous out-of-control way. So, the movie could be a metaphor for doing anything outside of the box that you've put yourself in. We have a huge legacy in terms of the beginnings of this country, especially when it comes to black-white relations. So, if you're going to go there, you've got to really, really be committed and strong. It's the first studio film to be produced by a black woman, directed by a black woman, and to star a black woman.

The Something New Interview with Kam Williams Kam Williams (KW): After you made Out of Time, some rumors started circulating about your having a set romance with Denzel. KW: So, you just wanted to put the rumor to rest once and for all. It could be about a relationship with someone from a different religion, or about dating someone outside of your class lines, like Kenya did, or dealing with anything when you step outside of your comfort zone. What do you think of the movie's theme in light of that statistic? KW: How come the black females in this movie are so intelligent and sophisticated, and seem so real? Focus Features is also responsible for Brokeback Mountain and other amazing films that are opening people's minds because they reflect the world that we live in, period.

A former soldier and guard to the queen, James has already conquered England as Britain's most popular male singer.

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