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Scrubs took their codes of honor seriously in the 1990s.Combo – A series of moves performed in a fashion that links them together without pause.On the upside, some games use Dialogue Trees to allow the player to try out their non-combat skills or abilities, or affect where on the Karma Meter the Player Character turns out.

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Because of the unique “boss fight experience,” some specialized games are comprised entirely of boss fights.

The first boss fight in a video game was for 1981’s is a buff. Can be as minor as a character’s visuals being the wrong color or can be a devastating flaw that renders the game unplayable.

Well, a Dialogue Tree is a common feature of Role-Playing Games and Adventure Games, where interactions with certain NPCs are done by selecting a possible response from a list of two to five choices.

As you might imagine, this can lead to frustration as the player tries to figure out the correct sequence of responses to get what he or she wants out of the NPC.

Modern advertising focuses on the same thing but no longer uses the term Bit.

Boss – A special class of enemy that is usually presented to the player at the end of a level, or midway through (a “mini-boss.”) These enemies are stronger, smarter, or just have more narrative significance than the other enemies.

Adventure (1) – Any game with elements of exploration or item-hunting. Most games labelled “adventure” are actually “find the hidden object” platformers like Adventure (2) – A more specific term for games in which the focus is on the player solving puzzles and using items in the correct configuration. Many Visual Novels are dumbed-down versions of these. A useful strategy for deliberately taking hits so your allies can attack the enemy from behind, or drawing enemies out one by one so you can fight them at your leisure. A term derived from computer science that, in the context of gaming simply refers to: game behavior that changes in reaction to player input, as contrasted to game action that is merely scripted.

A game enemy that chases the player has artificial intelligence, while an enemy that simply paces backward and forward does not.

Art – An arrangement of items that is considered pleasing. When people talk about video games and art, they are generally being irritating windbags who don’t realize how nebulous the word is and how pointless it is to argue whether or not a particular example of media counts as art or not.

Rarely in these conversations do people actually talk about gameplay.

As there is no way to purchase these games, many people (even those who condemn piracy) see no moral or legal problem with distributing these old games in order to keep them alive. Action – Almost all video games involve action, so having a genre called action seems superfluous.

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