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This assumes the document already in your store though: if you’re inserting a new document, there won’t be anything to match that new document with.

Which is why we also need ways to tell Apollo how to handle mutation returns more explicitly.

If you would rather use a finer-grained approach, the update Queries option (also set on the mutation itself) tells Apollo which queries to update — and, importantly, option (part of a new set of imperative store APIs) that works in a similar way, except it gives you a bit more freedom to specify the exact update logic you need (as you can see in this tutorial).

But the downside with both The reducer pattern is the most efficient and flexible pattern of the three, so we’ll focus on it today.

So I dont know if there is a way to get this feature- but I currently have 4 spot cameras, and 2 of the new motion tracking cameras on preorder through indigogo (so clearly I like them)However- is there a way to have the camera order be editable in the app, currently it seems like the "top" camera is by default the first one you install, and you cant change the order.

I know I could just unplug them and rearrange the actual cameras, but my house has 2 different wifi networks so if I wanted to move cameras I would have to go through setup process again to change their wifi network as the wifi sucks and only covers half the house.

J I also have 2 spot cameras and my Keep Pro just arrived today.

I would love multiple live views and even more the ability to rearrange the cameras in the list.

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I'm also wondering if you can change the order of multiple cameras?

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