Rainie dating sunny

Yuupp, you read it right, Sunny is officially off the markets!

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She found the scripts she’d received to be too similar to what she has done before, after over 10 years of acting on television.

“I feel I might find the ideal script in a movie than in idol dramas,” she says, for her breakthrough role was in Taiwanese idol drama .

“I was advised that whether as an actor or director, you need to know how to live (well) to improve your performance,” says Rainie.

“I used to put in 100 per cent, now I’m at 70 per cent.

Still, she's wistful about moving out: “I start to miss having someone to nag at me; which made me realised how much I love my mum.” Rainie is also so attached to her beloved pooch that she can’t bear the thought of the dog being alone at home.

She habitually brings the dog to and fro being her home and her mum’s apartment, just so that it wouldn't be home alone.

I want to take a breather now, so I requested for a few days of break every month … How her hair means to her, creatively and emotionally Like many women we know, this actress too appreciates the transformative quality of a new haircut.

For a dramatic new hairstyle could signify a fresh start and uplift your mood too.

And here we thought the weekend should be almost obligatory every week!

She is however, planning to step back from her workaholic lifestyle, with a caveat that it’s in the hopes of improving the quality of her work too.

“I don’t want to disappoint my fans with the same old performances …

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