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Hear me on this, guys: Evolution has the existence of life, and it is a useless concept in the absence of life.And, as such, scientists’ current confusion over how life started has no impact whatsoever on the validity of the theory of evolution.A 2000 study in Genetics showed that on average, out of 175 mutations in humans, only three are deleterious.

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God,” this claim generally betrays not only a misunderstanding of evolution, but science in general.

If the idea (that “scientific evidence must be both observable and repeatable”) were carried to its logical conclusion, it would cripple not only the study of evolution, but every line of historical inquiry.

The Colorado River is believed to have carved out the steep canyon over 17 million years ago.

As one of the world’s most spectacular natural attractions, Grand Canyon National Park has more than 5 million visitors per year.

This, of course, is the defining characteristic of science: Not that is observable and repeatable, but that it is testable and falsifiable.

There is very little that fit the former criteria, but evolution absolutely fits the latter.

We have found “fishapods” and “frogamanders” and walking whales and feathered dinosaurs and half-shelled turtles.

We have often and repeatedly found exactly what the theory of evolution predicted we would find, in the time period in which the theory predicted we would find it. You think macroevolution is an inherently different process than microevolution.

As a side note, I do get a chuckle from YECs who claim evolution isn’t scientific because it isn’t observable or repeatable.

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