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It’s no surprise that many doctors and police officers intermarry within their profession due to difficult working hours and unique pressures, and so it is with many on the political scene.After all, who else wants to date someone whose hobby is politics, spends hours every week knocking on strangers doors, and thinks new leaflet design is good dinner conversation?

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Ladies: Have you come home after a horrible date and asked yourself, "What was I thinking when I agreed to go out with him?

" Well, here's a possible explanation: It may have been the music playing in the background when you first looked into his eyes.

I have met some weird and truly wonderful people in the Conservative Party.

Probably helped along by the volume of alcohol generally involved at get-togethers.

The pieces, by composers including Brahms, Liszt, and Chopin, were categorized as either pleasant or unpleasant, and as stimulating or not-so-stimulating.

The result: Women, no matter where they were in their menstrual cycle, rated the men as more attractive if they had just heard arousing music, regardless of whether it was pleasant or unpleasant.What is Moggmentum and how does one cure such an affliction?Critically for the party, we have to decide what our clear and defining message is to the people of this country in a time of unparalleled uncertainty and political upheaval. This and more I hope to see and hear at party conference.This is particularly important if you currently work in the political field or are looking for an entry.As with most industries, it’s not what you know but who you know.They then viewed the photos and rated the faces four additional times.

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