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Stripped to it’s bones, an RSS feed is a bunch of code put together in such a way that feed readers (or podcatchers) can use to organize content and present it to you.

If that code is incorrect, the feed can’t work properly.

However, they have repeatedly iterated to members of the Libsyn team the size limitation, and have requested larger images be fixed prior to any additional work done on their end to kickstart a show into updating again.

Then, you can either click enter or "Refresh feed" 4) Apple will mark your podcast as "scheduled for updating/refreshing" (or sth else but I can exactly remember, sorry ) You podcast will have a yellow dot right next to it.

The best thing to do if your latest podcasts aren't showing up in i Tunes is to first make sure that your Feed Burner feed is up to date, and make sure that other podcasting services can see your latest episodes.

If they can, then patience is the best course of action.

If other podcast services can't see your latest podcast, and your Feed Burner feed seems up to date, then there may be some separate issue.

The Podcast app has been around on the i Phone for a while.

Although there are many awesome third party apps such as Overcast, many users still use the Apple app to enjoy their podcasts. There is, however, those instances when you run into various podcast download issues and it’s frustrating to tackle these problems.

1) Try this first (DIDN'T WORK FOR ME)but you might want to: 2) Then you might try doing what Soundcloud suggested this via their "support" email but i had already done all of that and it DIDN'T WORK FOR ME: a.

Check and enable an episode for podcasting: head to the track's edit page (pencil icon under the waveform) and select the permissions tab. 2) Go to https://podcastsconnect.and sign-in 3) Click on your podcast and you'll see "URL".

Meaning I think there is a file episode that was uploaded but is competely "hidden", which could be causing the RSS problems. Hi Ron, It looks like you might have forgotten to enable your track's permission to be included in your RSS feed.

Head over to your track's Permission tab to change this or enable it by default from your Settings under the 'Content' tab.

Hi, The latest episode of my podcast is not updating to the soundcloud RSS feed (which I send to feedburner).

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