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Night Capp is a map that pinpoints more than 1,500 London watering holes that stay open past 11.30pm.

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But following warnings from the Marine Conservation Society that the warm weather has sparked an increase in the numbers of several species of jellyfish, the British Red Cross has warned beach-goers not to believe “the old myth”.“A sting from a jellyfish can be extremely painful, but trying to treat it with urine isn’t going to make your day any better,” said Joe Mulligan, head of first aid at the British Red Cross.

“Urine just doesn’t have the right chemical make-up to solve the problem,” he added.

Free This new startup, which reckons it’s ‘Tinder for food’, pledges to narrow down your choice of lunchbreak destinations.

Hit ‘yum’ or ‘yuk’ on photos of dishes in your area. Free This offers more than 50 yoga sessions, as well as a database of 500 yoga poses. Perhaps you’d like to stroke one on a regular basis? Unlike other dating apps, Bristlr is unashamedly all about hooking up the hairy with the hairless.

After all, is it really that hard to be polite to a stranger (you’re attempting to seduce) for an hour or so without offending them?

If my chronicles of exceedingly bad dates are anything to go by, then it’s more difficult than you’d think, so avoid any dating faux pas by taking my advice. It seems simple enough, but that didn’t stop one man from demanding I refund him £3.50 for a coffee when I declined the offer of seeing him again.

Free Still on the waiting list for Chiltern Firehouse?

You need Uncover, which redistributes cancelled reservations at some of the capital’s top restaurants, including The River Café and Nobu.

One man in particular sent a text to his mates telling him how the date was going…he accidentally sent it to me: “Not too shabby, reckon I’ll have her back to mine within the hour. One dude’s opening message was asking me if I could pee on him, pretty bold move but I’m sure if he sent that to 100 women, at least one would say yes. If their name slips your mind, this will come back to bite you in the ass as one guy found out when he was hastily trying to undress me despite my protests.

“Fine” I said, “I’ll have sex with you, just tell me one thing….what’s my name? Dating can suck, and of course there are times when it feel like it’d be easier to just give up, but don’t let it get you down.

There’s also a journey planner featuring easy, moderate and fast routes to satisfy all cycling tribes.

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