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Sporting 1970s architectural trends, the 40-year-old institution stands on prime land space, smearing the shopping belt of Orchard Road with its sepia tinge and dingy appearance.As daylight dies, unabashed and easily identifiable streetwalkers, female and otherwise, congregate before its shady façade, chatting up male tourists who get into the occasional fist fight at the foot of its steps.The magnetic establishment is home to several renowned eateries, including three lauded Thai restaurants on its third floor.

When Orchard Towers was built in 1975, it was meant as a retail and office hub.

In its primordial years, early versions of Ipanema and Naughty Girl that rented spaces alongside tailors and electronics stores started carrying out seedy business, which opened the flood gates.

In 2013, two managers of the now-defunct Famous Hot Models pub were found guilty of pimping – selling oral sex by their Filipina hostesses – on the premises of their establishment.

Despite the public outcry for a clean-up that the case sparked, it is difficult to believe that in-house sex is a thing of the past in the watering holes of Orchard Towers.

Since 2004, the AFP has looked into more than 380 cases under human trafficking and slavery laws.

About 60 per cent of trafficking investigations are linked to the sex industry, but police say reports of forced labour in other sectors are on the rise.

Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus says broadening the scope of the laws should make it easier to investigate and prosecute."To make it clear that any conduct which is forcing someone into a slavery like situation which might include deception and including in that forcing someone into unfair debt contracts ...

we wanted to make sure that was unlawful," he said.

Two employees of rival massage parlours ended up in hospital and subsequently on front page news recently, when they assailed each other with sharp high-heeled shoes and claws a flying, in a bid to win the heart of a potential customer passing by.

No sound of mind and morally upright lawmaker would move for a prostitution den to be built in the heart of a tourist hub.

Begs the question: Despite these obstacles, what is the secret behind the longevity of this tower of power?

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