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It was one of the ways he was making a statement to the world.There are several people who take part every year; looking at their photos over the years, you can see their journey progress.You’re less likely to fear people who seem more like you.” Guasco says.

Another powerful statement came from a young gay man who had his picture taken as he was getting his HIV test.

It was such a compelling image that we chose it for one of the covers of Positively Aware, the HIV treatment magazine I work for.

Thursday Friday come along, I take my medicine to make me strong.

On Saturday, Sunday it's fun to play, I take my medicine every day." A Day with HIV portrays a single 24-hour period in the lives of people affected by HIV — that’s everyone.

Four high-res images will be chosen for different versions of the cover.

Remember, photos must be taken tomorrow Friday, September 22.That’s a message for everyone, so, this campaign should be for everyone. Suddenly, A Day in the Life of America to mind.” A Day in the Life of America was a photojournalism project in the 1980s; about 200 photographers were assigned to capture 24 hours in the lives of people throughout the U. “What better way to make an anti-stigma campaign than to make it about everyone? He thought the idea of having photos that are taken all on the same day gives it a little excitement while capturing personal moments in people’s lives.That’s why a key part of A Day with HIV is that people include a caption that details what time and where they took their photo — and what inspired them to take that picture. Tucked away in a box, framed on the wall, or saved to the cloud, personal photos are all around us in abundance.For Canadians, family photographs are often linked to stories of migration.The idea for A Day with HIV came to Rick Guasco over one weekend in 2010.

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