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Aboard they find three blond porn stars from the early 21th Century and their connoisseur, Harry Balls.

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Czech Casting Vendula If Veronika Takes A Decision To Shoot Adult Movies, She' S Sure To Become A BDSM Star!

The Starship Intercourse is approaching Deep Space station 69 to pick up 21 year old hot tamale Charlie Walker (Shay Sweet) and not Charlie Evans, who would be a 17 year old boy.

When Jimmy Quirk (Randy Spears) finds out Charly is a babe, he orders Squatty to make sure her clothes aren't beamed over with her.

Squat, the delectable Yeoman Gland, and a stunning African communications officer Lt. See more » Eight years have past since the last two installments of Sex Trek, but Cash Markman and his cast are boldly back at it again, now looking almost as old as the original Star Trek crew did during the late Eighties and early Nineties. Sperm) is now wearing a wig and occasionally a pair of glasses.

The set has improved, the CG effects are still the same and Markman picks up right where he left off last time: spoofing episode 2 of the Original series (broadcast order): Charly X.Captain James Quirk and the crew of the Starship Plunderer search an uncharted star system for their missing First Officer, Mr.Sperm, who was abducted by a race of 7000 sex-starved space ...These lovable runty whores may clock in at a staggering 3 feet, but they no doubt make up with their super-sized appetite for sex!Is it wrong to hoist up one of these munchkins like a rag doll and submit them to outrageous hardcore fucking? These little people are people too and deserve every bit of the right to the pursuit of happiness until the goddamned wheels fall off!This Slender Black-Haired Babe Is Deeply Into Submission.

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