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Her best friend Viv is an Indian girl whose her parents will only let her date an Indian boy.

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Thankfully enough, The Oracle of Dating was, without a doubt, the cutest book I've read so far this year, and a fantastic start to a new series!

You know those type of characters that you would love to have as friend in real life because they’re chic, smart, and fun?

Kayla, being a sister, is very protective of her older sister Tracey, who has been hurt a lot of times in love relationships.

Kayla also gives advices to her sister and I can see that she really cares about Tracey.

And while the plot was a bit predictable, it never truly detracted from the overall story.

In all, The Oracle of Dating has a bit of everything that leads to gretness including relatable characters, laugh out loud funny scenes, a sweet romance, and dating advice, of course, which leaves this to be a book I'll definitely be suggesting come May. My first thought reading this book was it was going to be okay. I became in love with the characters it was really easy to do so.

"It depends kung anong understanding ninyo," Bernardo said when asked about the importance of labels.

"Kami kasi hindi na namin siya pinaguusapan dahil parang nagkakaintindihan na kami.

Well Kayla along with all her funny friends were that type.

I loved how real they were and how the problems they faced were ones all teens go through; it was definitely high point.

Even in Pride and prejudice it was hard to become in love with the characters that easy.

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