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•ZOE Saldana, a knockout who has been seen in films as varied as "Pirates of the Caribbean"..., is a huge fan of Eartha Kitt, and thrilled to have the opportunity to play her. She wants to be, as Eartha purred, "Burned as a witch!

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“Touch of Evil” becomes sublime at the moment when Marlene Dietrich saunters into view, as the proprietor of a Mexican brothel that echoes with skeletal player-piano music.

The films are full of plays within plays, screens upon screens; an incessant flicker of shadows on walls reminds us that we are looking at projected images.

Now we hear that the film beauty Zoe Saldana is rumored to be first pick to portray Kitt in a bio-pic chronicling the star's tumultuous life.

Aside from detailing Miss Kitt's career -- which although successful, never quite hit the heights many felt it should -- the movie will include Eartha's infamous confrontation with Lady Bird Johnson in 1968, at a White House luncheon. Kitt claimed she was blacklisted from working in America for years after.

When Neeson walked into Natasha's dressing room, his presence was overwhelming.

It was easy to see they were mad about each other, though that story hadn't broken yet, and both were as discreet as their passion allowed, in front of a columnist.

But did Jess tip either me or Philip to the "news" that his popular magazine would announce later that same day that it was going to stop buying and using photos of children of the famous? Not tipping your hand in the entertainment world is a given.

Jess Çagle is young and attractive, having been covering show biz for only two decades.

most popular Orson Welles video on You Tube, edging out the trailer for “Citizen Kane” and “The War of the Worlds” broadcast of 1938, is called “Orson Welles Drunk Outtake.” It shows him slurring his way through one of those ads in which he intoned, “Paul Masson will sell no wine before its time.” Whether he was drunk, experiencing the effects of medication (he suffered from diabetes and other ailments), or simply very tired is immaterial. This is largely how today’s culture has chosen to remember Welles: as a pompous wreck, a man who peaked early and then devolved into hackwork and bloated fiascos.

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