Online dating for born again christians

In an inspiring video testimony posted on Facebook back in April that has since been viewed over 750,000 times — over 1 million times if you aggregate all of social media — Bancarz shares how Jesus Christ liberated him from the snares of the occult.

The 23-year-old native of Ontario, Canada, told The Christian Post that although he was raised in a Christian household the enemy seized upon his spiritually curious soul when he was in high school.

He then went to Paris, France, where the Paris Seminary for Foreign Missions was founded. Between 17, a period of intense political rivalry and civil wars, sixty-four known Christians were executed. In 1833, all Christians were ordered to renounce the faith, and to trample crucifixes underfoot.

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There, they spoke about their decision to become born-again virgins."We decided to go 60 days without.

We decided to become born-again virgins," he revealed. We went from December 14 to February 14."While Gibson revealed things were challenging for the couple during their wait, his wife revealed, "we didn't kiss."The action movie star made it clear that things were just as challenging for her as they were for him in waiting until marriage to have sex."Baby, don't be embarrassed it was harder for you to get through the 60 days more than me.

Two priests, Father Augustin Schoffier and Father Bonnard, were beheaded as a re­sult.

In 1855, the persecution raged, and the following year wholesale massacres began.

At the end of her marriage with media mogul, Ted Turner she became a Christian.

Former New Age writer Steven Bancarz, who amassed a fortune from his website, became a born-again Christian last September and is now on a mission to expose this dark spirituality for what it really is: a demonic deception.

In a remarkably short time he was steeped in occultic practices and built a website (now defunct) called Spirit Science and Metaphysics that was generating an average of ,000 per month in ad revenue alone. Though the deception took root gradually over the course of a few years, Bancarz said, "I can pinpoint it from having started when I was exposed to a program on the History Channel called "Ancient Aliens.""It teaches ancient astronaut theory that mythologies and fables from the ancient world are really of ancient man being visited by extraterrestrial beings from outer space who they then describe as being gods."In the 11th grade he began studying and researching the subject obsessively, noting that once one starts exploring aliens you can't help but get into other New Age topics, like the non-locality of consciousness and other spooky information involving ley lines and ancient wisdom.

Bancarz grew particularly fond of philosophers who were skilled at bridging the gap between science and occultism."That was right up my alley because it made me feel as though there was a method of spirituality and a method of living out ones spirituality that was confirmable through the scientific method, through science.

A Portuguese missionary arrived in Vietnam, once called Annam, Indo-China, Cochin-China, and Tonkin, in 1533.

An imperial edict in Vietnam forbade Christianity, and it was not until 1615 that the Jesuits were able to establish a permanent mission there, in the central region of the country.

For a brief period in 1841 the persecution abated as France threatened to intervene with warships.

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