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The inclusion of both kind of matches gives users more options and more control over their experience.

You may also see a third kind of match: Flex Matches.

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Here is a good video that helps explain how e Harmony matching works and a little of their history as a dating service: After joining the site, every member must take the time to fill out an in-depth and rigorously defined profile, then every match is screened for compatibility.

e Harmony cuts out the hours wasted searching through dead-end profiles on other dating sites by showing only the matches that demonstrate compatibility with your profile.

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If you’re looking for convenience, e Harmony offers applications for i Phone, i Pod Touch, i Pad, and Android.

The apps include all the important functionality of the main site, allowing users to register, take the Relationship Questionnaire, see new matches, send icebreakers and e Harmony Mail, update your profile, upload photos, archive matches, and more.

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Welcome to one of the most in-depth dating services on the Internet: e Harmony.

Other premium services can be used for additional fees.

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