On the verge of dating

It took a week before I’d recovered enough to get up, but only when my boss said ‘do you think you need a holiday? They’re the same whether you’re a mother ploughing through an impossible to-do list or negotiating a high-powered deal.

If you scored 0 for many answers, you’re taking good care of yourself and your emotions; perhaps you’ve developed practices for switching off.

“As a government we are trying our best to try and meet that demand when we can.” Spending watchdogs estimate Police Scotland will accumulate a £200m deficit over the current parliament, despite it being created to save money.

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After meeting Ms Matheson the officer’s mother said “politicians” and walked away.

Scottish Labour’s justice spokesperson Claire Baker said: “This is deeply humiliating for Michael Matheson.

Look carefully at the questions you scored 1 or 2 for — now is the time to address areas of your life that feel overwhelming, frustrating or disappointing.

It is not a case of ‘fixing’ these areas; but about asking yourself what you need and what you wish to give.

“When even SNP members are challenging the justice minister over his record you know things are desperate.

Scotland’s hard-working and brave police officers are overworked and undervalued under the nationalists.” A SPA spokeswoman said: "It would be inappropriate for the Authority to comment on selected anonymous quotes from an as yet unpublished paper that it hasn't had the opportunity to see.Sometimes, it’s harder to pause when everything on the surface seems good, albeit with a nagging sense of unease.It feels selfish to complain, but you can’t seem to stop worrying about what might go wrong, or you don’t feel passionate about life any more.The officer said corners were being cut because of the rush to do the job, the lack of money and equipment, and vehicles that were “a disgrace, some of them are barely road legal”.Mr Matheson was also challenged by Aberdeenshire councillor Alastair Forsyth about overstretched officers in rural areas and the terrible state of police vehicles.You can make a complaint by using the ‘report this post’ link .

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