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At first, he thinks he is having a strange dream, and so he appears callously unconcerned at the devastation, stating only that "I've never dreamed in colour before".This delusion lasts until he falls down a hole, hitting his head.The seed will turn back into a flower when it gets wet and the Gorm Queen and Princess declare that the King has changed the way everyone will work from now on.

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As he exclaims at the pain in his head, it dawns on the Old Man that since you can't feel pain in a dream, what he's seen must be real and the damage is his fault.

The Prince and Princess take the Old Man back outside but, to their shock, the whole world seems to be on fire.

The book was later made into an animated short film by the BBC, with Robbie Coltrane providing the voice of the hermit and Prince Charles narrating.

The film was titled The Old Man of Lochnagar in the UK and The Legend of Lochnagar in North America.

He chats to an animal he names Maudie, the original occupant of the cave, while setting up the apparatus for running his long awaited bath.

Finally, all is ready and the Old Man appears in his tartan dressing gown, ready to step into the bath.Lamora Williams' family told CBS affiliate WGCL she struggled most of her life with mental health and may have been dealing with postpartum issues at the time of the incident."My daughter is a sick person if she did what I think she did," Williams' mother Brenda Williams told the station.The story revolves around an old man who lives in a cave in the cliffs surrounding the corrie loch under the Lochnagar, a mountain which overlooks the royal estate at Balmoral in Scotland where the Royal Family spend much of their summer holidays.A third boy, 3-year-old Jameel Penn Jr., was found unharmed.Williams waived a court appearance Monday and was denied bail.Unknown to the Old Man, his cave is near the underground home of the Gorm, a clan of Scottish pixies, who are responsible for pushing up the spring flowers in Scotland.

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