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La comédienne Géraldine Pailhas est confrontée à Alvaro, un psychanalyste colombien très volubile.

Rencontres chocs, moments à la fois amusants, intimes, parfois intenses.

Le footballeur Vikash Dhorasoo échange ainsi avec Karine, la jeune femme qui s'était fait remarquer sur le dancefloor des meetings d'Emmanuel Macron.

The waves of pain tell her she needs therapy, and stumbling upon an ad for massage, Miky calls them up right away.

Foxxi, the therapist on call, answers the phone, and Miky invites her over for a home visit.

She started off with a striptease showing off her tiny tits and airtight pussy.

That thing has only gotten tighter as the years have passed.

I could tell he was interested, so I pulled off and told him to pull out his BBC and get it hard for me.

Joining him in the back of the cab, I gave him a blowjob, then he ate my pussy.

She was dressed smart, like a proper lady, and was on her way to the West End.

She had taken shelter under a tree, and the sound of the falling raindrops had made her need to go to toilet.

He tried to get me to drive right away, but that's not how cabs work.

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