No credit card to fuck local girls

I know a few white slackers who come from upper middle class homes but still would rather hit the bong and skateboard than work.

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The point is, there are good and bad apples in every bunch and men of all races have huge portions of “ain’t shit” representatives. You can name a dozen black men who ain’t shit and maybe two guys who are wonderful… You’ve proved your point that quality black men are the minority. The real question becomes, if you’re a woman and the “ain’t shit” brothers are the only ones you’re coming in contact with– where the fuck do you hang at?

If you know guys from a certain background are wolves, then why fraternize with those types over and over again?

It’s the frustration from those women that has created this big sweeping generalization.

If enough women are clinging to these beliefs, wouldn’t that make it true? Dating and relationships are like Yelp reviews, rarely do you see people chime in when everything is great, it’s only when they are done wrong that they voice their opinions.

We’ve all heard the phrase “Niggas ain’t shit” it’s not being uttered by Mitt Romney’s campaign manager; it’s being said loud and publicly by our own women.

Black men are lazy weed smoking video game playing white girl lusting rap fantasy having sneaker-obsessed cheaters that think the world owes them for slavery. If Blacks are the lease desirable men in the United States, why do black women continue to date them, love them, fuck them with no condoms, and cry over them?

They’re so much busy doing their job that don’t notice some severe guys who’re approaching to them.

Sudden shot from sniper rifle shocks them all and one of guys falls down.

This entire “ain’t shit” attitude doesn’t come from all black women.

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