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I understand that Kelvin from New Zealand is coming back on 20th December (subject to getting Visa Approved).I have ceased communication with our Attorney mate from the US (ie Brendan Walsh) but now have made other great friends via Viber, Facebook and Skype.He was more than happy to share his thoughts, experiences and gratitude.

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English Club is a real blast and was such an important part in me settling into the Ukraine.

My advice to anyone is that it simply takes time and consistency to form new friendships.

We have so much in common and both strongly feel that everything is heading in the right direction.

She’s met my mom and brothers via a Video Call and I will meet her parents this coming weekend via Skype.

His sole purpose was to get to know a lady he had corresponded with for some time.

That friendship failed to materialize but, with Sam’s positive attitude towards life, he was able to create more friendships than he could have possibly imagined or expected. He spent time with many people in both Nikolaev and Odessa.Searching for your other half on this side of the planet is never easy.Don’t lose faith in your abilities and just know that, out there somewhere, there is a woman searching for her knight in shining armor.Sure the last 6 weeks or so was a little difficult and it tried to put a dampener on things, but overall I don’t regret one thing.My eye appears to be finally settling down; and the specialist here commented on the outstanding job that Surgeon Galina did on my eye in Odessa. My new glasses are helping a real lot and finally I’m back at gym and able to get my body back into some shape again.Sam’s Nikolaev visit is proof that there are many ways to build relationships; this is just one.

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