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According to KOB, Wechsler had punched his brother in the jaw, breaking his teeth, and stalked a previous girlfriend by “sitting outside her work, watching her through binoculars while armed with a gun.” KRQUE said Wechsler, according to his Facebook page, “worked at Blue Cross Blue Shield and graduated from Highland High.

Wechsler died at the hospital from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound, police said in a statement.

Although the children’s mother and Wechsler had been involved in a romantic relationship, it was short term.

Albuquerque police said in a statement, “Preliminary investigation reveals he was dating the mother of the children.

She broke off the relationship and had repeatedly asked him not to contact her or the kids.” KOB said the killer had profiles on five dating sites, describing himself as a “good man.

Zimbio chatted with Wechsler during the ATX Television Festival in Austin, Texas recently, and he shared his hopes for Season 3, his feelings about Revenge's cast...

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