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Specific periods were set in place to address each issue.

From today to August 31, it will focus on curbing dating violence by encouraging victims and witnesses to file abuse reports and scaling up its investigations into such cases. From today until August 25, it will strengthen initiatives to prevent prostitution of minors by monitoring websites and applications they have easy access to.

As part of a week-long series that gives us a look inside domestic abuse, Huff Post Live takes a Deep Dive into teen dating violence. The brutal facial injuries in the popular paparazzi photo of abused pop singer Rihanna explicitly depict the horrors associated with the physical aspect of dating violence.

Law enforcement in Korea doesn’t take dating abuse seriously, with offenders getting off with light punishment ― for example stalking is punished with up to a 100,000 won (US$90) fine.

People here are looking at Clare’s Law in the United Kingdom as a successful example of a plan to curb domestic abuse.

Experts further stressed the need to create an atmosphere that encourages the participation of civic groups and citizens.

The police agency said it will identify and cooperate with organisations that work to create a safer environment for women.

While drunk, the 22-year-old man, surnamed Son, repeatedly hit the woman with his fists and kicked her, knocking her to the ground several times before pedestrians came to her aid.

He then drove his truck chasing the woman down the alley.By You Soo-sun The police launched a 100-day action plan to crack down on violence against women, which takes effect today and will proceed until October 31.The announcement came Sunday amid increasing concerns on dating abuse, recently stirred by revelation of video footage that showed a man assaulting his ex-girlfriend and then chasing her down a narrow alley with a truck in Sindang-dong, central Seoul.Don’t forget to use the hash tag #controlisntlove and @NYSOPDV on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.This effort is a part of the “Control Isn't Love" public awareness campaign featuring iconic candy hearts with messages of control and abuse, instead of expected sentiments of love and affection. Speak up against any acts of dating abuse you see, whenever you see it.According to the victim, the incident occurred about a week after they broke up. The incident demonstrates the increasing need to curb violence against women.

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