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- to go to The Green Man festival; and man, my head's swimming. Finish off writing the six-page antifolk article (which had two pages added to it at the last moment), write the Music That Time Forgot special (got added right on deadline), edit down the albums section, edit the cover feature, tryandcomeup with some cover lines that don't totally suck eggs, write a last-minute comics page. It's going to feel weird without his smiley face greeting me every time I voyage up to London to visit the office (Chris sits closest the door, the better to keep the wolves away.) In his stead, Richard Stacey-our unsung assistant publisher (and also ace hip hop writer) - is taking on a more full-time role, handling administrative duties. ladyl Marcus Oakley [email protected] Overture Peltier Peplow [email protected] Naomi Ryder Dimitri Simakis Summerlin [email protected] Vincent [email protected][email protected] Anke Weckmann Wong [email protected] photography: Andrew Whitton 4 | plan b ;l III [ | ; PROOF Oi 1 YOUTH the new album out 10 septekb: ■ oh cd, vinyl, ltd edition "genius" **}*■** observer music monthly on tour in September & October: bonus track cd and download "thrilling" **** uncut "absurdly exhilarating" **** gu includes singles 'doing it right' and 'grip like a vie M i ill ggmflmrpir: 1 1 H 1 1 1 1 II 1 1 1 1 II 1 1 1 I ■::..■.


Beach House Apple Orchard It begins with a harmonium drone, slowed-down ultrasound, and those rich yawns of whales and water.

Victoria Legrand's voice resurfaces from your distant past; in a picture frame, or at the bottom of a suitcase.


Mahilig silang manalanging nakatayo sa mga sinagoga at sa mga kanto upang makita ng mga tao.….

In stores from September 24th - Pay no more than £3.99 r ioc Rwvrr.l jftn * ■fc ■■'" S A U ^3s£^_ BLOC PARTY A WEEKEND IN THE CITY NME ALBUM OF THE WEEK "one of Britain's best bands" futn, /Sfcnn tfhnd iwn _ f- ' g JP PETER BJORN AND JOHN WRITER'S BLO CK] ' t NME 9/10 "Outrageous fun" - Includes the single 'Young Folks' EUROS CHILDS THE MIRACLE INN PLAN B "Good times . Team, Bearsuit 72 Mekons, Monster Bobby, Old Time Relijun 74-75 PJ Harvey, Kano, Broken Social Scene 76-77 Dirty Projectors, Modeselektor 78 Kate Nash, King Creosote 80-81 Shitmat, Cutting Pink With Knives, Black Lips, Heavy Trash 82-83 Thurston Moore, Qui 84-85 Jenny Hoyston, Shocking Pinks 86-87 Swordheaven, Supermayer, brief notes 88-89 REISSUES Mayhem, Erik Satie, Severed Heads, Shearwater 90-91 REISSUES Elvis Costello, Summer Records Anthology, Motorhead, The Sex Pistols MEDIA 92-93 Daft Punk's Electroma 94-95 FILM & DVD Simpsons: The Movie, Wild Style, Death Proof, 2 Days In Paris 97 COMICS Aya, Laika, The Black Diamond Detective Agency plan b | 3 I'm taking a sabbatical from Plan B, so allow me this opportunity to navel gaze.

, SIMIAN MOBILE DISCO, THE CRIBS and THOSE DANCING DAYS com magazine Plan B 1 56-1 58 Gray's Inn Road London WC1X8ED 020 7278 5070 Publisher: Chris Houghton [email protected] 814 069 Assistant Publisher: Richard Stacey [email protected]: Nick Taylor [email protected] 715 815 Printed by Stones The Printers Distribution: Warners Group Distribution (newsagents, retail chains, international) 01 778 391 194 [email protected] Cargo Records (independent record shops) [email protected] Plan B is published by Plan B Publishing Ltd 1744-2435 FEATURES 38-39 Tronics 40-41 Bass Clef 42-47 Animal Collective 48-49 Vialka 50-51 Future Of The Left 52-53 Nista Nije Nista 54-59 Antifolk (UK) THE VOID 10-11 Chrome Hoof 12 Effi Briest, In The Mix: Caribou 14 A Sunny Day In Glasgow 16 Read The Label: Yaala! 18-19Singles Club 20 Music That Time Forgot: Amiga/ST music 22 Why I Hate..

I mean, it's not that I resent it, just that I find it better not to lie awake worrying about it, in case I suddenly have a relapse and find myself a 'regular' job for the first time in, urn, over two decades. man, how does Frances manage to hold this together, month after month? - but, trust me, it's matters a whole load up here. Everett True magazine Editor-in-Chief: Everett True [email protected] Director: Andrew Clare [email protected] Sarah Bowles [email protected]: Cat Stevens [email protected]: Frances Morgan [email protected] Void: kicking_k [email protected]: Louis Pattison [email protected]& DVD: Everett [email protected]: Frances Morgan [email protected] Daniel Trilling [email protected]: Stewart Gardiner [email protected] Editor: Jonathan [email protected]: Lauren Strain, Ben Webster Contributors: Stuart Aitken, Miss AMP, Euan Andrews, Adam Anonymous, Hayley Avron, Emily Bick, Abi Bliss, Natalie Boxall, Melissa Bradshaw, Beth Capper, Stevie Chick, Merek Cooper, The Corpo, Mia Lily Clarke, Jon Dale, Nick Dixon, John Doran, Dickon Edwards, Matt Evans, Jonathan Falcone, Alistair Fitchett, Richard Fontenoy, Noel Gardner, Kieron Gillen, Spencer Grady, Emily Graham, Hannah Gregory, Steve Hanson, Tom Howard, Ben Hoyle, Miranda lossifidis, Pil and Galia Kollectiv, Neil Kulkarni.

Doubtless, at some time in the future, I'll look back over the previous six years - the time we've spent putting together Careless Talk Costs Livesand Plan 8-and shrug, amazed: that we were able to do so much with such limited resources, but with overreaching self-belief and enthusiasm and support from the unlikeliest of places. Frances took a holiday this weekend - her first in over a year, and it was only for two days! and today is actually the day afterour final print deadline. Alongside Andrew Clare and myself, Chris helped conceptualise the magazine you're holding in your hands: I knew that I needed someone to be handling the financial side of affairs (a lesson hard-learnt from Careless Talk) while Frances and myself (mainly Frances) looked after the editorial side; that I needed someone to be the public face of Plan B to the industry, to broker the deals and cross the Ts, and - urn - worry about the money; to look after the Internet side of things; to do the forecasts and plan ahead; work on media sponsorships, coordinate advertising. that stuff so vital to the continuation of a healthy title. Andrzej Lukowski, Alex Macpherson, David Mc Namee, Nicola Meighan, Sean Michaels, Shane Moritz, Doug Mosurock, James Papademetrie, Ned Raggett, Eugene Robinson, Joe Shooman, Daniel Spicer, Ringo P Stacey, Joseph Stannard, Lianne Steinberg, Lauren Strain, Dr Swan, George Taylor, Ben Webster, Robin Wilks Photographers: Toby Amies Brook Adam Faraday Fernandez Graham Mei Lewis Mc Donnell Neate Richards Cat Stevens Brian Sweeney Tamborello Whitton Jussi [email protected] Corcoran [email protected] Coulter Thorn Dowse French [email protected] Bostwick [email protected] Lucy

Devics If We Cannot See From Los Angeles, yet bleak. single month Frances: Zzt- Lower State Of Consciousness (Turbo) Louis: Fight Like Apes -Jake Summers (Cool For Cats) kick: Gang Gang Dance -Nikoman (Young Turks) Stevie: Comanechi- Death Of You (Merok) planb|19 I B POP ter-^M (HSTHIBUTe O g V SHFLl SHQCIt the void ou LJbbo-Ll Vt Words: Eugene Robinson Illustration: Vincent Vanoli Incoming!

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