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It works as an easy-to-use live chat tool during the day and after business hours enables communication with customers by storing their messages as tickets. In fact, we landed the largest order in our history by a chat that originated with this tool. It's not the cheapest (depending on features you need, I went with their a month plan and not the starter level which is currently ).

However, it has the ability to customize the chat window with logos and avatars, allows file transfers back and forth with customers, and is fast and responsive (I found some others sluggish, and sometimes dropping a message).

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If you would like to return at any point, please know that your settings and widgets will remain intact.

Just log into your account again and go to the “Upgrade” tab under “My Account” to upgrade your account at any time.

The admin page is very clean, and the chat page to me was the most sensibly laid out.

Popup notifications work, and when you click them it carries you to the open tab and chat for immediate response every time (another fail of other programs, they might give a popup but clicking it would not navigate me back to the chat).

By proactively engaging customers during the buying process, Le Tote is able to reduce cart abandonment and increase conversions.

Analytics plays an important role in chat and messaging.

Live Chat offers an easy way to handle all sales and support inquiries.

You can identify potential sales and close them within minutes by using Live Chat's smart engagement options.

They've never been unavailable when I had dozens of requests to tweak my design etc.

I tried the rest and found the best in my opinion anyhow.

Live Chat is a live chat software that enables you to have real-time conversations with your customers while they're on your website.

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