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In a recent Instagram post, she put up two pictures side by side.The first was taken five years ago and featured Shannon and a friend looking super skinny, clad in bikinis. Not the same body.” Shannon also posted a recent promotional photo on Instagram.Next to it was a current pic of her and the same friend, standing in the same cabana, with Shannon wearing a loose caftan and looking much heavier. With it, she wrote, “Gaining weight and trying to take it off is a struggle that most women will face at some point in their lives.

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It turned out she had a serious obsession with healthy living and was so into new age beliefs that she had crystals built into the walls of her home when it was under construction.

Her children weren’t allowed to carry cell phones because of her concerns about radiation.

She always kept exactly nine lemons in a bowl in her kitchen—for Feng Shui, not for eating.

She also did things like pass out vitamin packets designed to alleviate hangovers to the other women during a night of heavy drinking and visit her beloved holistic doctor three times a week on camera. Shannon also happened to be at a low point in her marriage during the filming.

You know: blonde, polished, very thin and of indeterminate age that could be anywhere between 35 and 55, thanks to the miracles of cosmetic surgery.

But in spite of her appearance, Shannon came with a boatload of quirks—and drama.In true drama queen fashion, Shannon is blaming her weight gain on stress.More specifically, she’s seems to hold cast-mate and long-time OC housewife Vicki Gunvalson somehow responsible.She does seem to be making an effort to eat better and hit the gym, but that’s only what we see on camera; who knows what she eats when the film crew leaves.Also significantly absent is a mental health component to her holistic wellness routine.Jacqueline Laurita, of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey,” isn't afraid to go under the knife to get her ideal look.

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