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If you are accepted into Honours at a later point, you can apply for up to two of these courses to be credited towards your degree.When to apply: At least one month before the start of a course.Please note that entry to all courses is subject to the agreement of the course coordinator since some courses may require minimum levels of previous experience.

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This means you do not have to register for a full degree.

Subject to certain rules, up to two certificates can be turned into credits for an Honours degree, providing you are accepted for that degree.

Saya adalah ibu rumah tangga biasa yang gaptek tidak sama sekali berbekal ilmu IT, ingin coba coba membuat online store sendiri tanpa harus membeli, dan alhamdulillah saya tahu MWN. Sudah banyak saya beli domain dan hosting dari Masterweb.

Saya putuskan membeli hosting dan domain di MWN yang semuanya masih gelap bagi saya. Pelayanan sungguh baik walau paket rendahan yang saya pakai, apalagi TS dengan nama heru pelayanannya sungguh cepat dan memuaskan. Saya sangat puas akan kinerja dan proses dari masterweb. Saya udah beberapa tahun menggunakan jasa MWN dan tidak pernah pindah ke tempat lain.

The co-ordinator is Adj Prof Franz Krüger,[email protected]

This course has two aims: to improve the understanding of how economies work and to upgrade the writing skills of participants through examining great authors on the subject.In the lecture component, students will examine the origins of online journalism and its current trends, what online journalists are expected to do and the particular issues they face, how to use the online space for research and verification.The course will look at how people understand information on the Web and how stories should be structured for the best readability.Find out more about the Wits Radio Academy’s certificate courses and Development Communications Certificates.Click here for the timetable The course aims to introduce students to the study of radio and audio, and to consider their changing shape and social impact.Students will engage with debates and options for different kinds of regulatory frameworks that balance economic issues and the public interest, and will be able to critically analyse debates and controversies around radio, as well as possibilities for its future trajectory.

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