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These two traditions of my childhood shared a reverence for and recognition of a version of God who is not racist.

The yearning for a church home faded as I grew older.

I was fond of the communal focus of the congregations, which created a place for each and every person.

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"I had the occasion in my church to be asked to be the pastor, if you will, of a congregation." Romney described his work as a bishop in his suburban Boston ward, or church.

Mormon clergy, called bishops, are unpaid leadership positions and perform similar duties as pastors do in other churches.

But the summer before I graduated from college, I found that something was missing within me, spiritually; I sought faith among new religious groups, hoping I would find meaning in my own journey.

When I came across Mormonism, it was largely unfamiliar.

"When you get a chance to know people on a very personal basis, whether you're serving as a pastor or as a counselor or in other kinds of roles, you understand that every kind of person you see is facing some challenges," Romney said Monday. This is a racial issue." The LDS Church has a troubled history on racial issues, and in 1978 lifted a ban on blacks serving in the priesthood. George Romney, publicly disagreed with his church over its record on civil rights.

"And one of the reasons I'm running for president of the United States is I want to help people, I want to lighten those burdens." Speaking with reporters after the event, Hatch, the questioner, said he believed his question was relevant considering the general election race against President Barack Obama.

- Follow the Ticker on Twitter: @Political Ticker - Follow Rachel Streitfeld on Twitter: @Streitfeld CNN Romney answered with a tersely emphatic: "No.

Next question." Hatch, who brought a camera with him to the event, had begun his query by attempting to read a passage that disparages dark-skinned people from Moses 7:8. "Why don't you give me a question," Romney said, then continued: "We're just not going to have a discussion about religion in my view, but if you have a question, I'll be happy to answer your question." Later in his town hall forum, Romney circled back to the incident.

Green Bay, Wisconsin (CNN) – A Green Bay voter confronted Mitt Romney over his religion at a town hall Monday, the day before Wisconsin's primary.

Romney is a life long member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, whose members are commonly called Mormons.

But my doubts about the restrictions were overpowered by a belief in the LDS Church’s active expression of faith in every part of life and the capacity for good in its members.

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