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The founding families formed a group of about thirty people in each locality.Gradually, Nuevo León was populated with families of nomadic herders of Spanish origin who fought and displaced the native indigenous groups in the region.Radiocarbon tests placed the earliest occupation in Boca de Potrerillos about 8000 years ago.

He and the few neighbors who were gathered in San Francisco (Apodaca) departed for Saltillo.

Meanwhile, around 1588 Luis de Carvajal managed to get released and undertook the task of repopulating the mines of Trinidad, which he called New Almaden -Monclova- and appointed Diego de Montemayor lieutenant governor of Coahuila with jurisdiction over St.

They were generally called Chichimecas to distinguish them from the larger and more powerful cultural groups of Middle America: the Mayan, Olmec, Zapotec, etc.

It is said they were nomadic or semi-nomadic, not wandering aimlessly, but obeying regular movement patterns inside recognized territories; what anthropologists call territorial nomadism.

Once in Veracruz, the Carvajal group continued on their own to the port of Tampico where they arrived on 25 August.

Carvajal immediately took charge of his commitment.To govern these vast territories, in 1585 Carvajal named three lieutenants: Felipe Nuño for the Panuco region, Gaspar Castaño de Sosa for the northeast and Diego de Montemayor for the center, from Santa Lucia to Laguna.At that time, the count of the Coruña began a legal process against Carvajal accusing him of invading territories that were not his.The history of the Mexican city of Monterrey is closely linked with the history of the state of Nuevo León.When the New Kingdom of León was founded, it included Monterrey, Monclova, Saltillo and Cerralvo.Specialists have differentiated several linguistic nuclei between the tribes that inhabited the region but have failed to find a uniform approach, placing them in the family of the Athabascans, the Hokan or Macro-Yuma, subgroup Coahuilteco-Karankawa.

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