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He competed in horse racing competitions around the world and owned Zabeel Racing, the Dubai stables where his horses were trained.

He also played football at home, and was said to be a supporter of Manchester United.

Up until now, he and his teams have successfully brought to market several new platforms and products into the E and M-Commerce, Retail, Mobile Services, and Digital Media & Entertainment sectors.

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In contrast to his brother, Sheikh Rashid's public role was limited.

Dubai ruler's son Rashid bin Mohammed dies aged 33 He faced damaging speculation about the pastimes he indulged in his personal life, including allegations he underwent treatment for drug addiction.

The Muslim calendar was instituted after Mohammed's death, with a starting-point of his emigration () to Medina (then Yathrib) ten years earlier.

Some Muslims, however, seem to have correlated this point of origin with the year which came to span 624-5 in the Gregorian calendar rather than the canonical year of 622.

But most damaging were allegations that he had killed an assistant in his father's office, a claim noted in a US diplomatic cable released by whistleblowing organisation Wikileaks.

Thehas contacted UAE officials over the allegations but had yet to receive a response at the time of publication.Moreover, an Armenian document probably written shortly after 661 identifies him by name and gives a recognisable account of his monotheist preaching.[Columbia University Press, 2004]) On the Islamic side, sources dating from the mid-8th century onwards preserve a document drawn up between Mohammed and the inhabitants of Yathrib, which there are good reasons to accept as broadly authentic; Mohammed is also mentioned by name, and identified as a messenger of God, four times in the Qur'an (on which more below).In the case of Mohammed, Muslim literary sources for his life only begin around 750-800 CE (common era), some four to five generations after his death, and few Islamicists (specialists in the history and study of Islam) these days assume them to be straightforward historical accounts.For all that, we probably know more about Mohammed than we do about Jesus (let alone Moses or the Buddha), and we certainly have the potential to know a great deal more.It is notoriously difficult to know anything for sure about the founder of a world religion.

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