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The weatherproof Ring Stick Up Cam is currently mounted high on the exposed terrace of a surf shack on a beach about 30 minutes away.

The tiny beach house is basically a shipping container with a nice wooden deck, plumbing, and 6 watts of power.

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Ring tells me that its cameras aren’t designed for such slow connections. The Stick Up Cam is meant for home security and that means relatively fast residential Wi-Fi and broadband.

As such, my video streams are choppy with lots of visible compression artifacts.

Key specs and observations: I love repurposing technology in new ways, or ways the manufacturer never imagined.

That’s why I adore the combination of the Ring camera, solar panel, and Android phone running a 3G Wi-Fi hotspot.

The audio drops in and out, and sometimes Live View just won’t connect (though it always kicks off a recording that’s stored in Ring’s cloud service).

These issues all go away when I bring the Stick Up Cam home, where my fast Wi-Fi network streams the 720p video fluidly and facilitates two-way audio conversations.When someone presses the Ring, I receive an instant alert from the familiar mechanical bell.If I’m not expecting anyone, I can wait a few seconds for the alert to appear on my phone so I can check the video.If it’s my DHL guy or a friend I’ll go downstairs to open the door.But if it’s some rando who wants me to worship their god, their petition, or their cause, I can just ignore it or tell them to go away.Prior to this, I’ve been using a Ring Video Doorbell (the company’s flagship product) for about a year.

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