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The centre will support the store’s growth and is expected to bring more than 1,050 new jobs to the area.Construction will be complete later in spring 2017.Tu passes puis disparais, tu ne sais pas que j’étais là, sous les arbres penchés, à t’espérer.

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In contrast, the take-up for the whole of 2015 was 2.6 million sq ft.

“With record take-up, the declining supply of high quality space in the last 12 months has led to virtually no prime standing stock available at all, which is a common factor across most of the UK industrial markets.

De fragiles instants de vie partagés dans la douceur des crépuscules d’automne, quand la lumière se fait caresse. Dans l’ombre qui vient j’écoute ton pas s’éloigner, infiniment léger sur le terre qui nous porte.

Juste quelques secondes parfois, ta silhouette qui glisse, et mon coeur qui bat plus fort dans le silence. Au-dessus de nous, le sourire du croissant de la lune.

The new aerial photos show the extent of the new development and how it is taking shape.

Central Park is one of the largest distribution development projects in the UK, situated alongside the M49 at Avonmouth.

Abdul Choudhury, economic development Officer at South Gloucestershire Council said: “Prospective occupiers (both foreign and domestic) are looking to address changes in consumer shopping habits through hub and spoke distribution centres and are reacting to evolving about HGV driving times.

“The former is addressed by Central Park providing a vast ready-to-go opportunity with extant permission in place and the latter by a new, imminent junction on the M49, due for completion in 2019.

Paul Hobbs added: “Central Park benefits from a unique planning permission which allows immediate development of B8 – that is, storage and distribution space.

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