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I have set textboxes for the required fields, and now I am setting up validators.

But I need to create the user accounts manually, without the help of the Create User Wizard.

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If a subscriber to this event sets Cancel to "true" and Failure Information to some Exception class, the provider does a throw Failure Information.

Now what i don't get is, if i use the Change Password control, and subscribe to the Membership's Validating Password event and do the above stated, i get an unhandled exception.

Hi all, I have developed a custom Membership Provider.

Except for validating the password strength, it works.

Both the Membership class and the Roles class work with providers, classes that access your application's data store to retrieve membership and role information. NET creates an instance of the Membership class that you can use to query membership information. The Login, Create User Wizard, and Change Password controls work with the Membership class to simplify creating an authenticated Web application, and the Login View control uses role-specific templates to customize Web pages for specific groups of users.

Membership and role information can be stored in a Microsoft SQL Server database using the Sql Membership Provider and Sql Role Provider classes; in an Active Directory using the Active Directory Membership Provider and Authorization Store Role Provider classes, or in a custom data source using implementations of the Membership Provider and Role Provider classes. Provider-specific implementations of the Membership User class contain information about the user accessing the page. The event argument passed to the Passport Authentication Module.

Note that the term user in this chapter refers to an application or user, not a database user. NET developers can set an integer value for this property through the Property Value The number of minutes in which a maximum number of invalid password or password-answer attempts are allowed before the user is locked out. The generated password contains only alphanumeric characters and the following punctuation marks: !

Thus, the user information that this provider manages is application or user information, not database user information. NET developers can set an integer value for this property through the Property Value The minimum length required for a password. @#$%^&*()_- =[;: method, then the internal counter that tracks invalid password-answer attempts is incremented by one.

So, I am wondering if the ODBC sample is incomplete and if I need to implement On Validating Password myself?

(The ODBC sample does not override the method) Thanks for any help, SA.

That's because the Change Password doesn't catch any exceptions thrown from its Membership Provider. Now more to the point, my concrete case is i have a custom Membership Provider and when changing the password i use another component, which checks some business rules and throws some business exceptions.

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